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Chef on the Side is a project for me to document my adventures being a part-time at-home chef as I work a full-time job in sales. I have always looked to cooking as an avenue to relieve my stress and to ensure that my husband and I are fed. Some people go running or do yoga to unwind after a stressful day. I, on the other hand, choose to take fresh ingredients and turn it into something amazing. I am not professionally trained but instead I am trained on the ‘Food Network’ method. By watching cooking shows, and cooking video blogs, I have figured out how to muddle my way through the kitchen with some of the best “rustic” cooking you will ever see! Recently, however, I have joined the Top Chef University online cooking school and was given a 3-pound textbook “The Professional Chef” so I can kind of start over and re-learn the basics and then move onto more advanced techniques. You’ll get to learn as I do!

A majority of my recipes are ones that you can make after a full 8-hour work day, with time left over to relax and watch a few episodes of ‘Chopped’ before calling it a night. But I’ll also throw in some recipes that are good for Saturday or Sundays when you have time to spend in the kitchen. Any fellow BBQ fans out there? Well, I will share with you some of my recipes for the smoker that I frequently use on the weekends. So I invite you to stick around and follow my journey as a Chef on the Side.


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